Sustainable Biofuel - Power of Waste



Our main commodity is waste-based biodiesel and feedstocks, currently representing 10% of this market in the EU. Focusing on mixed fatty acids feedstock, bi-products  sourced from oleochemical factories, mills and restaurants. These non- edible oils are  second-generation biofuels energy and are eligible for double counting in many EU countries.

Waste oils demand more manual work and attention to quality issues than virgin oil, but provide much higher green house gas savings.
These oils are more expensive than the heavy fuel oils they replace, and thus entirely reliant on mandated usage by the EU.



The processed biofuels are added to the traffic fuel in the EU, based on regulations specified by the respective Member States within the European Union.

Our direct feedstocks and blended products are  replacing various heavy fuel oil qualities used in cogeneration and industries with boilers.

XBM is continuously identifying new opportunities for clients to replace present use of heavy fuel oil with environmentally friendly bio liquids on economically sound terms.




We excel in matching client demands and specifications. The products we deliver are checked for the specified quality by an Independent Laboratory mutually agreed upon, with the client. We place great importance on quality control and continuous feedstock  sourcing.

We provide our suppliers with extensive support and supervision to ensure proper compliance and optimization with the relevant sustainability criteria of our clients, and the EU Renewable Energy Directive.


XBM Offers ...

XBM deals exclusively with 2nd generation, non-edible waste oil that is completely sustainable, and has no commerce with 1st generation bioliquids. 

Feedstock for biodiesel today in the EU mainly consists of rapeseed oil and palm oil, which is produced on fields that could otherwise be used for food production.

2nd generation oils, on the other hand, are sustainable, do not contribute to deforestation and promote the circular economy. They are also entirely reliant on mandated usage by the EU.

The Product Section will explain in detail the range of products we offer.