Energy and Heating Industries

Energy and heating companies uses different types of fuels ranging from fossil to natural gas to biomass to biofuels. Composition of usage depends on various factors influencing the price and demand. Key factors include government and internal policies, availability, taxation, environmental and climatic conditions. In Europe, during peak winters the energy companies consume large volumes of bioliquids to burn and generate power.

Though all bioliquids could be used for burning, some feedstock is not eligible for certain customers for political, environmental or country specific reasons. XBM understands the needs of these customers in terms of the quality standards and caters to each of these clients uniquely with their large range of blended and straight products produced from the waste origin feedstocks. Sustainable documentation is equally important to quality standards set by the client. Understanding this, XBM has been certified under RED Directive of Swedish Energy Agency, ISCC and RSPO to supply traceable bioliquids to the energy companies. XBM has encouraged its clients to visit the sourcing location and conduct their due-diligence to understand the sustainability. XLNT sources bioliquids in bulk and flexi-containers depending on the requirement of clients. XLNT caters to small energy and heating companies from their storage facility in Sweden.

In depth understanding of the client and their equipment have led XBM to maintain strict adherence to the quality and sustainability standards, checking each batch for key parameters like ash, M&I and energy content apart from metals. Being a highly seasonal requirement by the energy and heating companies, XBM has expanded their existing range of products to more continuous and stable segment, bio-diesel companies.