Quality of Bioliquids

Quality of bioliquids depends on the application, technology and the industry. XLNT understand the different requirement of each client and industry and ensures that the supply of bioliquids matches the end application, customers’ technology and their quality standards.

For power and heating plants, critical quality parameters looked by the client are ash, MUI and energy content. Whereas for the bio-diesel industry, based on the technology or biofuel generation type used, the standards varies for each of the bioliquids. Biodiesel companies in Asia looks at M&I, TFM and chloride as the key parameters to fit in apart from other parameters. Biodiesel companies in Europe looks at moisture, impurities, volatiles and metals as the key parameters, apart from other parameters. Type of bioliquids also plays an important role on the quality standard.

XLNT believes that the quality starts from the origin and to ensure the required quality from origin, XLNT has tied up with large international independent surveyors and quality agencies like Intertek, SGS, Saybolt to name a few, across its sourcing markets. XLNT has provided these independent agencies with quality process manual to check the quality of bioliquids from the sourcing location. At each stage of the operation, these independent agencies are given set of instructions to be carried out to check the quality. Each batch of XLNT bioliquids will carry the reports from these independent agencies on the sampling process conducted and the test results accordance to the standards set by the customer.