Trading has been the backbone of XBM. Started its business with trading of biomass from Russia and later moving forward to selling bioliquids for electricity and energy market in Europe by strategic alliance with other trading companies having competitence in these markets.

 XBM sources various bioliquids from suppliers in sourcing locations accordance to the agreed quality parameters. XBM have tied up with the logistics company in Sweden for transporting bulk and container wise cargo from various locations into Scandinavia. Each of these variants of bioliquids are then stored in the associated tank facilities across Scandinavia, maintaining closeness to the clients location. All lots or batches of bioliquids have necessary documents, meets the quality standards and are traceable until origin. Apart from working on back to back contracts, XBM plans , sources and stores bioliquids according to the market conditions, so as to cater to the immediate needs of the clients.

XBM has always been on constant lookout for new ranges of bioliquids to be added to their portfolio, that are from the waste vegetable oil origin. 

With the irregularities in climatic conditions every year and to maintain a steady flow of our existing bioliquids, XBM moved to selling to bio-diesel companies. Started in 2011, XBM  is now working with large corporations in bio-diesel in Europe and Hong Kong, with the sustainable bioliquids from waste vegetable oil origin, differentiating from other sources. XBM has always been a marketer on bioliquids to bio-diesel companies by selling the company required specification, even if XLNT have to invest in processing to meet the requirements.

Our clients in Asia are in lookout to expand their markets into Europe and are looking at XBM as a supporting parter in expansion. During this lower price index of crude oil and being nacent in this bio-diesel market, XBM is studying the market on bio-diesel interms of price movement, EU and its member state legislations, sustainability and documentation criteria, environmental trends and quality parameters for different range of bio-diesel.

Moving an extra mile, XBM also provides technical support to its electricity and energy clients. XBM trades its product also to the small heating companies in the communities and in the move towards a greener pasture at all times.